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 +===== Using Exim behind a NATed Connection =====
 +When using Exim behind a NATed connection, such as a consumer grade ADSL or Cable line, where the Exim machine'​s IP address is a local address which isn't routable and the router or firewall uses port forwarding to send the SMTP and POP3/IMAP ports to the correct machine, you may well get mailing loops where Exim tries to forward a mail to the MX record specified in DNS, which is in fact itself, causing mail loops.
 +To solve this you need to tell Exim that it's world visible IP address is different to it's own real address. Insert the following beneath the ''​MY_IP = ''​ line:
 +  extra_local_interfaces = <routers external IP>
 +Where <routers external IP> is the Internet visible IP address of your router or firewall, on which everybody else will address your Exim machine.
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